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Dancer in the Community

Dancer in the Community is a movement approach that stems from the understanding that:

Everyone is a DancerDance is inherent to us all. 


The dance sessions are for everyone who' wants to Meet & Embody their Inner Dancer. The dance sessions are for everyone - regardless of age, access requirements, ethnicity or background, no prior dance experience is needed - you're all welcome to the session to dance.

About Dancer in the Community

I lead the crowd into a free dancing session, with carefully curated instructions which layer to inspire movement | release and transformation. There’s no choreography to be learned, no movements to be repeated. 


Bodies dance together, being only here, only now. - connecting to the groove of music. 


These movement sessions are destined for people from all walks of life, no previous dance experience required.

What's needed? 

Your presence, openenes and comfortable clothes. 

Who is it suitable for?

Everyone who's curious to meet their Inner Dancer. 

Adults aged 18+. Teenagers age 14+ are allowed with a present (and dancing) parent or guardian.

Special access needs: 

We welcome dancers with special access needs. Please kindly drop us a note at with your needs a minimum of 48 hours prior to the session and we will make sure to prepare the space for you.

A couple of rules to ensure a safe and pleasant experience: 

This is a safe space for self-exploration through dance. We allow only dancing participants in the room, no watchers are allowed. No photography and video unless previously agreed. 




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"As someone that hadn't danced in front of people for a long time, I was quite nervous about going to a dance class and dancing in front of people I didn't know.


However, Stephanie's warm and disarming personality, along with her approach to dance soon make you feel safe enough to start expressing yourself through dance.


Put simply, it was one of the best and most unique dance classes I've participated in and will definitely go back because its so enriching for the soul.


I'd fully recommend attending Dancer in the Community and being part of Stephanies class."


Sam (38), Film Editor  



"I've been to the classes twice now and I would be thrilled if they'd start to take place regularly in 2024. 


The sessions are welcoming, feel personal yet have a sense of community and group spirit. I feel I can express myself and challenge the physical and mental form to do better.


I genuinely feel refreshed and light on my feet after the classes and I see the same from other participants as well. Not to mention, it has such great potential to bring a sense of community to people living nearby - I have already exchanged contacts with another person from the session for instance."


Grete (54), Professional

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